Pray for the crisis of the disappearance of Tuvalu



Dear Heavenly Father, although the area of Tuvalu’s coral islands and reefs has increased slightly in recent years, there is still a great threat of being submerged by the sea. Please give the Tuvalu government wisdom, actively prepare relevant countermeasures, and move other countries to provide assistance, to enable this country to survive the crisis of continuous erosion of its land by the ocean. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the safety of Papua New Guinea Airlines mission



Dear God, there are many places in Papua New Guinea that rely on airplanes to enter. Please send angels around the co-workers who fly the airplanes and the missionaries who take them to guide them safely in dense forests, mountains, thick clouds and unpredictable weather. During the flight, may takeoff and landing are very safe, and save them from the attack by lawbreakers, so that the work of the gospel can be carried out smoothly. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the disciples training of the church in Papua New Guinea



Dear God, please raise up servants who have the heart of parents, to equip and effectively train the brothers and sisters of Papua New Guinea, so that they can understand the pure faith, and abandon all the pagan customs and understand the greatness of the gospel, and they are not afraid of witchcraft and know how to use the power of prayer. May the Holy Spirit blow into the wind of revival, so that they can constantly renew and grow in Your rich grace, full of the growth of Christ. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the unity of all ethnic groups in Papua New Guinea



Dear God, You know that this country of more than 800 ethnic groups has struggled with many ancient and modern killings and revenge on each other, begging You, the peaceful King, to forgive their sins, heal their land, and demolish the partitions among the ethnic groups, uniting the two together into one, making them harmonious; and the fellowship among the believers in the church can cross the scars and be concentric. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the Papua New Guinea regime



Dear God, we appeal to You for this poor country where officials are corrupt and have poor security. May You raise up a righteous and upright leader in the political circle to bravely fight against corruption, and uphold the love of the people and make a benefit to the whole people rather than just benefiting the elite class, so that the people’s living standards can be improved. We ask also for the wisdom and forward-looking vision of government officials in developing rich natural resources while taking into account the needs of ecological protection and social stability. I hope that most people who believe in Jesus will find wealth in You. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the relationship between the Chinese and the local people in Marshall



Dear Heavenly Father, please keep the relationship between the Chinese and the local people in the Marshall Islands, let Your abundant love always fill them, make them respect each other, willing to pursue the things that promote harmony and build up each other, treat each other kindly in love, the relationship is restored, and the Chinese church is more likely to be raised by You as a bridge of ethnic unity there, just as You made us reconcile with You through Jesus. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the spiritual revival of Christians in the Marshall Islands



Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful to You for that the majority of people are Christians in this country, and pray that the wind of Your Holy Spirit will blow into the lives of Your people, bring spiritual revival, and wake up all those who are asleep; indifferent, got fiery; curved, straightened; discouraged, depressed, all lit up; sad, all rejoiced, and become Your great army, in this curvy and rebellious generation, become salt and light for You, bring down the influence of conversion. May You revive Your actions in this country and in these years. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the healing of the people and the land in the Marshall Islands



Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for the Marshall Islands that was once ruled by Spain, Germany, Japan, and the United States, and even became a nuclear test site. We ask You to heal the hearts of the people of this country, restore their land, and release them from heartaches caused by been suppressed, slaved, and despised, and also ask the Lord to guide them to truly understand the truth, experience the power of the gospel more, and enter the joy of true freedom and satisfaction. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the President and Government of the Marshall Islands



Dear God, You know the difficulties the Marshall Islands are facing, whether it is the impact of warming, floods caused by sea level rise or droughts, or the high unemployment rate and high dependence on the United States, this country needs Your help. May You rise up, have mercy on them, and give wisdom and creativity to President Kapua and the government team, so that they can adopt effective and innovative strategies to lead the people of the Marshall Islands out of dependence on USA and have a breakthrough in economic development. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


 Pray for the Rapa Nui’s Salvation



Dear Heavenly Father, the Rapa Nui people are the treasures in Your eyes, but as tourists, the film industry, and painful alcoholism and AIDS spread in their society, not only their culture and language have gradually disappeared, but also their relationship with You is farther away. Seeing this group of sheep outside Your sheepfolds in need of care, I beg You to move more Christians to bravely accept Your mission and preach the gospel to the Rapa Nui people, so their eyes are opened, and return from darkness to light, from Satan’s power to God; and by believing in Jesus Christ their sins are forgiven and they will inherit kingdom of God with all sanctified people. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the work of Bible translation in Rapa Nui



Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for sending the missionaries of the Wycliffe Translation Association to Easter Island, so that the New Testament Bible in Rapa Nui was translated and presented to You in the previous year, and the Rapa Nui received the hope of Jesus Christ expressed in the mother tongue. Oh God! May You continue to send gifted and passionate people to work with them, so that other scriptures can be translated one after another, and also please encourage the churches all over the world to be willing to dedicate the funds they need, and raise the hands of prayer to support this ministry and walk in Your heart for the Rapa Nui people. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island



Dear God, we are going to pray for the indigenous people of Easter Island ~ Polynesian Rapa Nui people, and pity them for being sold as slaves in the past, and their activities are limited to resource-scarce areas and suffering from misfortune. Please heal their grief and wrap up their wounds, so that they can be released from the inferiority and insecurity of being bullied and discriminated against, and restore the beautiful image created at the beginning. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for the people of Tonga to have the right outlook on money



Dear God, there are many people in Tonga who rely on remittances from overseas families. They are accustomed to reaching out to consumers and immerse themselves in consumerism. May Your truth is illuminated and revealed in their hearts, and they are willing to use their money according to Bible truth, and rely on the grace given by You to resist the temptations of all desires to experience a life of victory and renewal. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!


Pray for people who are financially embarrassed by the epidemic



God, the loving and merciful Father, You are the God who cares for the poor and rescues them from hardship. Please remember the people who are in financial difficulties because of the epidemic, listen to their sighs and prayers, and get up and place them in the secure place they want, so that their hopes will not be disappointed and need to be satisfied. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!